Friday, August 26, 2016

Get the look: Modern media room

While a neutral scheme may look easy to execute, it’s often just the opposite. This muted media room gives us a lesson on how to do white right.

When implementing a white-on-white design, incorporate different textures to keep the look from reading as too stark or one-note. Here, rough stone veneer was installed floor-to-ceiling to make the bookcases stand out. 

A neutral scheme is also perfect for showing off attention-grabbing artwork, such as this graphic black and white equine portrait.

A cohesive collection of vases and objets has more character when displayed among small curated stacks of books. Arrange your piles both vertically and horizontally to give the whole area increased visual interest.
Fresh greenery and blooms give a breath of life to an otherwise colour-free space. Paired with metallic accents, the tabletop display adds an element of femininity.

Include the warmth of natural wood in your room by stacking birch logs so that only the ends are exposed. The circular pattern they create makes the arrangement feel artsy, not messy.

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